Sillamäe Seaside Promenade

Location: Sillamäe, Estonia

Year: 2016

Status: Concept design

Size: 700 m

Program: Walking, jogging, cycling, hanging around, chilling

Project team: Alver Architects (Andres Alver, Tarmo Laht, Sven Koppel, Ulla Saar, Indrek Rünkla)


Sillamäe plans to develop its seaside next to down-town. The proposal is a conceptual base for years to come.

Sõtke river is running 700 meters parallel to the seashore prior to the outlet, right at the Mere pst – the prominent descending axis of Sillamäe Stalinistic down-town. Current plan to vitalize the bank between the river and the sea opens an opportunity to make the natural resource better accesible to the citizens.

Our proposal defines the promenade as a two-component assembly of a straight line for passing through and a curved path circling around it and embracing all the activity zones around the promenade.

The concept has been passed to design teams for further development.