World Trade Center Tallinn

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Year: 2005

Status: Competition, I prize (2005). Project development

Size: 68,000 m²

Program: Office

Project team: Alver Architects (Andres Alver, Tarmo Laht, Indrek Rünkla, Ulla Saar, Sven Koppel)

Credits: Visualizations – Küberneetiline Karu


The goal of the competition was to provide a renovation / extension plan for the existing World Trade Center Tallinn location. Given the changing nature of the city around it, generally low quality of design of the buildings comprising the complex, and gradual additions executed without much thought, the existing complex has by now become a dark, unwelcoming space, which does not only scares away visitors, but is hardly an inspiring environment for the office workers themselves.

After extensive analyses, our winning competition entry proposed to demolish the most restrictive buildings in the area, clearing ground for new high quality architecture. This drastic move would enable to:

– solve the complicated and ineffective parking scheme inside the block into a clear, rational subterranean parking garage,

– provide an architectural landmark and a building worthy of the WTC trademark,

– a new urban experience for both the visitors and the office workers.

By solving parking, the area inside the block is transformed into an internal pedestrian-only green park, framed by public and commercial functions as well as foyers of the office blocks on the ground level. The cantilevering volume at the northern end of the block gives the WTC a clear entrance, while spatially enriching the streetscape and signaling a new destination point to the visitors coming from the port area in the north.