Rakvere Smart House

Location: Rakvere, Estonia

Year: 2012-2015

Status: Completed

Size: 5340m²

Program: Office (city government), innovation and competence center

Project team: Alver Architects (Oliver Alver, Andres Alver, Ott Alver, Tarmo Laht, Sven Koppel, Ulla Saar, Indrek Rünkla)


The new bulding of the competence center is the first public near-zero-energy bulding in Estonia that utilizes different building automisation technologies and has been engineered from start to finish using BIM methodology. Different sustainable energy sources, like solar panels and geothermal heating pumps are used for heating of the building. A unique demo and testing environment is set up inside the center that enables to develop and test different bulding automisation systems.