Red Room

Location:  Tallinn, Estonia

Year:  2007

Status: Competition

Size: 50,000m² (total), incl. 25,000m² residential, 18,000m² office, 7,000 retail + subterranean parking

Program: Multifunctional (retail, office and residential)

Project team: Alver Architects (Andres Alver, Tarmo Laht, Sven Koppel, Ulla Saar, Indrek Rünkla)


“The Red Room” is a three story high piece of city space that is located on the street level and has clear borders. It suggests a new public route within the city. The Red Room occupies the space of the street itself and the space of the ground floor of the buildings around, generating a multifaceted urban environment, with some parts of it simultaneously public, fully private and semi-public. The Red Room opens up the retail outlets on both sides of itself. The ceiling and the walls of the Red Room are branded with an organic-looking spatial structure, which is permeable, and inspired by the natural artifacts native to this area. The floor of the space is clad in patterned stone panels that allow the Red Room to reflect on Tallinn’s centuries’ old legacy of building with stone, and harmonizes with the floor and the ceiling of the space.