Pühajärve Hotel & Spa

Location: Pühajärve, Estonia

Year: 2002-2013

Status: Completed in multiple stages

Size: Buildings – 7,700m² (total), incl. 2,500m² Spa (swimming pool, saunas, exercise spaces, etc.); 4,400m² hotel; 800m² boiler station

Program: Recreation, Hotel

Project team: Alver Architects (lead designer and executive architect); RV Projekt (construction engineer)


Pühajärve Hotel and Spa complex is situated in southern Estonia at a former manor house scene with a prominent park, at one of the most beautiful lakes of Estonia. Reconstruction of the resort complex has been an ongoing development project, gradually evolving from a winter sports seasonal hotel into a place that motivates visitors to come there all year long. The functions of the complex include accommodation, a conference center, a restaurant, a pub, bars, gym, wellness services and bowling. The Spa building is a major contribution to this versatile program. The highlight of the complex is the spa deck. It is elevated onto an old horse stable foundation and provides a full panorama view of the park surrounding the building. The extraordinary view to the seasonally changing landscape is framed by the structure of wooden columns and beams.